When circumstances create legitimate concerns do you react or do you respond?  Many times we react out of the pressure we feel and in turn we create drama.  The enemy loves when we step into drama because it goes the opposite direction of Faith!  Drama creates a space for the fruit of the flesh to manifest and expand into overwhelming emotions like fear, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, and even depression.   In turn, faith, creates space for the fruits of the spirit to manifest and expand into peace, joy, patience, and self control.  We as believers should be the most creative people on the planet.  I’m not talking about the arts (which does apply) I’m talking about creating space for God to move in.  So many times we limit what God can do by simply not leaving any room for Him to move in our situations. We can become completely overwhelmed by reacting to what’s happening around us instead of responding in the spirit of faith and creating a space for God to land in!  God I pray that you would teach us to operate differently than the world.   I pray that we would respond out of a spirit of faith to the situations that arise and that faith seed would create space for you to get in and move mountains!