As I think about the cross I see a new facet of Salvation. I see the Lord turning and showing me another side of Him. Yes, we have the good news that we are saved from sin, sickness, and oppression, but I have seen another side of salvation.

As I was praying on Good Friday (March 25, 2016) I began to see a picture of Jesus on the cross. I was drawn to the containment He was experiencing. Literally being nailed in place, not able to move away from a stationary piece of wood that had been planted in the ground by the Roman soldiers. He was so limited, He was so bound, He was so boxed in. He became a voluntary sitting duck! At anytime He could have called for angelic hosts to loose Him, or He could have just chosen to get down, but He chose to become limited, He chose to become contained, He chose to become immobile!

So as I dwelled on this picture I began to think; if He became our sin and sickness that we could be free from these things, then he also became our limitations that we could be limitless! He became contained to that cross that we could be free from containment and false limitations.

I’m reminded of those invisible fences you can get for your pets. They say after a few days of use you don’t even have to turn them on because the pets know where the boundary lines are. Isn’t this just like what the enemy tries to do to us? So many times we have these invisible boundaries of the past that aren’t really stopping us from expanding our territory but we have been trained not to go outside the lines.

Now, hear my heart, what I am not saying is there should be no boundaries. Boundaries are biblical and as we grow in Christ they can expand but are necessary for our safety and growth! What I am talking about are false boundaries lines, and glass ceilings. Most of these boundaries are in our minds and come in the form of fear. I heard a sermon once saying fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Isn’t it just like the enemy to try and build these invisible fences and glass ceilings around us? After all, he is the father of lies. I believe we are in a season of acceleration and increase but the enemy has tried to box us in. I believe the Lord has called us into a time of expanding our boundaries and possessing the fullness of His promise! It is not enough to just cross over our Jordan or to just breakthrough, He is calling us to possess the land! We are to be an ever-increasing, always expanding kingdom! Let us hear the word of the Lord and respond to it. The blessing of God always comes when we respond to His word! He is calling us into new territory; He is taking us higher so we can go deeper. Hear what the

Spirit of God is saying and step into it! Step over the invisible fences and into the promises! Let this word be like a hammer and break the glass ceilings in your life! If we can trust in the power of the blood and the cross to be enough to free us from our sin and sickness then why not trust it is enough to destroy our limitations? It’s not in us we trust, it’s Christ in us we trust! It’s in Him we live and move and have our being! We must believe that the same power that raised Christ from the dead empowers us to walk forward destroying the works of the enemy, destroying the glass ceilings and invisible fences!