Recently the Lord woke me up at 4:44 AM and spoke very clearly to my heart.

There’s a difference between STABILITY and SECURITY. Stability says “I like it here. I’m comfortable here. I’ll fight to stay; I’m not leaving. Security says, “I am internally free. I feel safe as long as I am with you and together we can go anywhere.

The first thing I thought of was a memory of Dan and I, back in 2002. We were half way around the world (Australia) and as we sat on the sandy beach sharing our dreams Dan said to me “We can go anywhere, as long as we are together.” That intimate phrase of love and affection has been burned in me and the Lord began showing me how He longs for us to love Him like that!

STABILITY vs. SECURITY; this dichotomy is a huge revelation that challenges us all to examine our own hearts and distinguish our own goal. Do we strive for STABILITY or do we rest in SECURITY??

I did a little research and here’s what I found.

Stability is firmness in position, continuance without change, resistance to any change that does arise; it drives you to protect and keep all you have!

Security is freedom from danger, risk, care or anxiety; it encompasses the measures taken to ensure the freedom and safety for others; it is an investment of all that you have.

I never really thought about the difference of these two terms until the Lord starting teaching me to look closer.

Stability focuses on keeping “me” safe while security looks out for “others”. Stability fights to “stay” while security fights “forward” into advancement. Stability wants to “keep” while security aims to “invest”.

When God spoke to Joshua, they were across the Jordan from the Promised Land (Numbers 23). Some people were satisfied with “good enough” and what appeared to be “stability” on the wrong side of the Jordan. They were so close yet they chose to settle for less!! “If we have found favor in your eyes let this be given to your servants as our possession. Do not MAKE us cross the Jordan” (Numbers 32:5) They actually discouraged the Israelites from entering the land the Lord had given them (Numbers 32:9).

Don’t settle for life on the wrong side of the Jordan River!! Your Promised Land is within reach. If you are willing to pay the cost and crucify your own flesh you can have it all for FREE!! Jesus already paid for it and it’s rightfully yours as an heir to the Kingdom. You have to get off your butt and go occupy the Promise; overtake the land that was already given to you. There is more grace in the unknown than to stay and die in the familiar. Self-preservation is self-destruction in disguise!

Do not strive for man-made STABILITY but rest in God’s SECURITY. Chasing after the ever-advancing pillar of God encompasses all the provision and safety we could ever need and there’s more than enough for EVERYONE!


“The only safe place to be is in the place of occupation and advancement. The moment we work to MAINTAIN rather than to INCREASE what we’ve been given is the moment we begin to lose what was given to us.” Kris Vallotton

Security says, “I am internally free. I feel safe as long as I am with You and together we can go anywhere!!

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