February 1, 2017

Dangerous People

The Lord has been whispering in my ear this simple phrase for the last few days, “You were made for danger”. You see, my wife and I have walked through many turbulent situations in this last year and they have truly stretched and pruned our very beings. When these times of reaping come into our lives our tendency is to have a mindset of escape or retreat. There is built within each of us a desire for comfort and rest. So in these seasons of great discomfort and anxiety we have two choices. We can retreat or we can press into them. The ones who choose to press into them are the dangerous ones! They are the ones who look fear in the face and stare it down. These are the pioneering forerunners preparing the way!

I recently heard the Lord asking me some questions as I was praying. One question was, “ if you were built to be comfortable why would you need Holy Spirit as the comforter?” Then He answered His own question,” I did not call you to comfort, I called you to peace, you must know the difference!” I believe we need the comfort of Holy Spirit if we desire to have true peace in the midst of the battles. Peace is not the absence of trouble and peace is not comfort, however, it is a fruit of living life in the Spirit. As life brings situations and circumstances that are truly uncomfortable know that the Comforter has come and He desires to make himself real to us. Through these times we will learn what it means to truly walk in the Spirit.

I believe this last season was a time of refining once again for the forerunning company of God. We have been through another Joseph experience. Many who have great prophetic promises from God have felt contained and many have been in the prisons of purification. We have battled the weeds of the flesh and would have fainted if we did not know we would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

The Lord has shown me a picture of the “locks”. Many have felt like they have been on lockdown, but the “locks” the Lord has shown me are not the kind most people think of. I am talking about the “locks” used to raise and lower vessels to different levels of waterways. These “locks” when empty, look like cages to the ships they are meant to carry to the next level. I believe this is a prophetic picture of the season many have been in and what has felt like a cage was actually being used to prepare you for the next move of the Spirit!

Just today as I was in prayer, a prophetic song began to arise within me and I began to sing, “the waters are rising, we’re gonna be swept away, these mountains are calling us, up to a higher place.”

I believe the Lord has now released the waters into the “locks” of the wilderness and His vessels will now begin to rise to the new level they were being prepared for. This waterway of the spirit will not look like the past waterways we have been in. There is a new flow of power being release to the pioneers that will literally prepare the way of the Lord into seemingly impossible places. This flow will have a dangerous current and will rise quickly as in Ezekiel 47. For the ones who will embrace it and desire to go deeper, it will carry them into depths of the spirit where we not only believe “anything is possible” but into the place of seeing “anything is possible” manifested!

This brings another thing to mind as I think about the waterway that is coming. This move of the spirit will be so powerful that places that have been landlocked will now see channels opening up that will connect them to trade routes that were otherwise unable to be accessed. These smaller channels will run into bigger channels and eventually into the sea of His greatness. This will truly be a time where streams flow together!

In closing, I’d like to paint a picture in your minds eye. Imagine being a vessel of glory but being stuck in the “locks”. Imagine the process you’ve walked through and the expansion that has taken place on the inside. These tight places sometimes are only tight because our vessels have truly been enlarged and we become “landlocked” because we have outgrown our environment. When expansion takes place, transition must also take place. We must possess more territory, we must take more land because the place we’ve been in is just not big enough anymore. Maybe, just maybe that’s why you may feel stuck. Maybe that’s why you feel contained. What if the enemy hasn’t closed in on you at all, what if you have simply expanded into his territory? I truly believe dangerous people are the ones who don’t settle, they are the ones who will go from wilderness to wilderness creating waterways and storming the gates of hell. What if God is simply expanding your borders and the season of the “locks” has only been to get you up to the new pasture He has prepared for you? Dangerous people are ones who dare to think outside the box of the status quo. Dangerous people are the ones who aren’t afraid to lose what they have to get what they have been promised! God is releasing many of us to transition once again. What will it look like, you ask, I don’t know for sure, but it will be good! Dangerous ones don’t ask what will it look like. They go and discover what’s out there. This, I believe, is why the pioneers are so dangerous to the gates of hell. They never stop discovering they just keep expanding!